Happy New Year!

“Last one!” Nia announced as she placed the last stamp on the last envelope, placing it in the pile with the others. It was a little late to send out holiday cards but putting together a year end update of all that had occurred was something her parents had always done before they passed away and she liked to continue their traditions.  She even included a little historical factoid from all the places she traveled over the past year, just as her parents used to.

She slid off of the stool by the breakfast bar and stretched before looking over to where Gabriel, Brynn and Dex were all sitting in the living room.  Brynn was sitting on the couch next to Dex, speaking animatedly on her phone as she made calls to every single person in her contacts, wishing them a Happy New Year.  While Dex, was lounged back, flipping through the channels from one Times Square ball watch concert to another New Years Eve bash. “There’s not shit on.”  Disgusted, he tossed the remote aside and proceeded to watch the “shit” and ignore Brynn’s attempts to get him to wish whoever she was talking to, a Happy New Year. 

That is, until she smacked him upside the back of his head. 

“Ouch!” He whined, rubbing the back of his head before he took her phone and said “Happy New Year.” dryly for what had to have been the twentieth time. 

She laughed and shook her head as she wondered over to lean over Gabriels shoulder where he sat across from them with his laptop on his lap. “Whatcha doin?” She said, peering at his computer screen. 

He glanced up distractedly as he continued to type. “Sending out a New Year’s Newsletter for Rossi’s.”

She raised a brow. “Really?  That’s awfully…friendly of you.  Maybe I need to sign up for that newsletter.”


The corner of his lips quirked up, revealing a dimple as he hit send and closed his laptop. Setting it on the coffee table next to the buffet of snacks she had set out earlier, he glanced back at her. 


Then he grabbed her arm and pulled her over the back of his chair, into his lap. She yelped and tried to squirm away but he held on tight around her waist, looking down to meet her gaze.  “Always asking for the words, aren’t ya Nia? That’s too bad.  I was planning on showing you.”


She raised a brow and shrugged.

One…Happy New Year!

His smile faded as he looked down at her, his gaze traveling over her face. “Happy New Year, Nia.” Leaning in, he placed the softest, sweetest kiss on her lips. 

When he pulled away, she looked up into his deep brown eyes and smiled the most genuine smile she had felt in a really long time. “Happy New Year, Gabriel.”

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